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Challenges of Week One


So I have survived my first week and am 10 lbs down. Of course I know that this is mostly from the depletion of my glycogen storage and the water grams attached to those stores, but it still leaves me feeling pumped. The struggle of the first week is behind me and that makes it all worth it.

Glycogen is a polysaccharide that is the principal storage form of glucose (Glc) in animal and human cells. In less fancy terms, it is a by-product of insulin that is stored in our liver and cells when we need a quick burst of energy to draw off. As long as we have stored glycogen, our bodies will always reach for it as an energy source before it even looks at converting stored fat for energy.  Since I am not a scientist, I think that’s enough for a basic class and if you want to know more, you can research it.

Since I am not hungry and have lots of energy, I know that I am now in the metabolic state of ketosis not to be confused with ketoacidosis!. The first three days were tough but not as tough as the last time I went on thank goodness. The last time I was so hungry I took public transit home and it was like the scene from the Madagascar movie where Alex the Lion looks at Marty the Zebra and all he can see is “steak”.  Yep, that was a rough time but it passed and no one got eaten. This time on day one I felt that gnawing hunger but I knew this was normal and to compensate, I ate some extra “mini” cucumbers throughout the day as snacks. I decided to take it easy on myself and when I got home from work I was really thrilled to find out that my daughter wanted to take me to dinner.

This could be a difficult thing on the first day of a weight loss program but we went to a restaurant that I knew would help me stay on track. I had chicken breast with broccoli and since I was so hungry, it tasted really good. When I got home I decided I needed to be gentle with myself. I had a bag of allowed BBQ crisps with some cucumber slices and went to bed early wondering if the next day would be tough.

The next day was pretty easy, except that it was really late when I got home to make supper and that left me feeling hungry and cranky. As usual, it is the third day for me that is a bag of mixed feelings, tossed with a bit of headache and seasoned  with a dash of lack of focus. I was headachy and had a bit of a tough time staying on task. I embraced this however, as I knew that it would pass and that it meant I was in my final stage of transition into ketosis. I had a bit of Ideal salt with some water to counteract the loss of sodium causing my headache and felt better in about 30 minutes. I was exhausted and went home and straight to sleep.

Day 4, 5, and 6 were amazing. I could tell that I was now burning my fat stores for energy because I had lots and lots of energy. I was moving around, feeling really good and really could not sleep.  It never fails to surprise me how well I feel on this plan.  It also never ceases to surprise me about how ill I feel when I am not eating properly and ingesting way too much sugar.  I have to admit, since losing all my weight and learning everything that I am learning (and still continue to learn) I am becoming a bit of an anti-sugar evangelist.  The more I know, the more I am disgusted by what the food industry is doing to our bodies and our children by putting sugar in everything, and I mean everything including those innocent chicken strips you buy for your wraps.  I encourage you to watch the Fifth Estate Program on You-tube entitled “The Secrets of Sugar – Documentary” which you can find at

In 1905, obesity was for the wealthy because they could afford expensive luxury items like sugar.  The average person only ingested about 5 lbs of sugar in a year and wasn’t overweight.  Now, we are fighting to stay healthy, dieting, eating low fat and low calorie foods and obesity has become epidemic along with the related diseases of Type II Diabetes and heart disease,  not to mention cirrhosis of the liver caused by fatty liver disease. That is because today, in 2014, the average person is consuming approximately 150 + lbs of sugar per year, most of it unknowingly or under the guise of using “healthy” products.

Want to check out your sugar smarts?  Take the Sugar Quiz at


My goal is to share my journey, bring you some information, and raise your nutritional awareness. Until next time…



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2 thoughts on “Challenges of Week One

  1. Woah 10 lbs in one week 🙂 go girl best i ever did in one week was 7 doing the ethosien diet.

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