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Trick or Treat?

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Ahh yes ready for Halloween. A last minute change of plans had me needing a costume and I found myself scrambling late Thursday evening as I need to work all day Friday.

Everything worked out well and my costume is ready to go. Middle aged Candy Corn Witch it is.  I borrowed most of it (not the shorty dress however) from my 19 yr old daughter. I have to admit I found it amusing and uplifting, considering that 2 years ago I was too large to even walk my youngest around the neighborhood and now here I am wearing parts of my kids old costume and going out. What a fabulous feeling.

I also thought about the saying trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat. What an unusual rhyme. I mean really, if I smelled someone’s feet nothing would taste good to eat and certainly  my appetite would be gone!  Food is certainly something that hits so many of our senses and with sugar added to it, makes it almost impossible to resist and have “just one bite”.  Food needs to be attractive, it needs to taste good, the texture is important and if it smells bad, it usually will taste bad (we won’t get into a discussion about Durian here).

Halloween is once a year, a chance for kids to have fun, dress up as something else, and get candy.  What an innocent thing until you look around and realize how many children are overweight.  It’s not fat, it’s sugar and it’s a real struggle for me to hand out treats like candy now that I know what sugar does to our bodies and how it interacts with the addictive center of our brain. I mean I certainly would not hand out illegal drugs so why am I handing out candy?  For more information on sugar addiction you can check it out at


The article has good information about sugar addiction.  The only part I disagree with is the statement that you can portion control your dessert and have it daily.  Studies show that it is much more harmful to dole out a little bit of dessert daily than to have a treat on one set day of the week.  More on that in another post.

Getting back to the struggle, I have read that even dentists would prefer that children not get these sugary chocolates and candies for the harm it does to their teeth and that they would prefer that they eat all their candy at once, then brush their teeth, as it minimizes the damage.  I agree that it also minimizes the damage with respect to having their insulin levels constantly elevated for the next month.  That being said, I don’t feel like being the Halloween Scrooge, so I have set out  a couple of rules at our house.

First, my youngest daughter (the 19 year old being too old) does not need to go to 100 houses.  We will go around our block and maybe the next one and enjoy trick or treating, but I have told her that it is not about getting 10 pillowcases full of candy but about having fun.

Second, I will let her eat this candy this weekend if only to get rid of it and minimize the damage. I do not want her to be eating this for the next month.  Not only is it a temptation for me to have it lying around, it is not good for her to be constantly introducing the sugar into her body and having the requisite insulin spikes.

I am still struggling with this, but Halloween, it’s only once a year right?




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