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Week 4 and I am down 20!

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It’s amazing even for me that I am now down 20 lbs in 4 weeks.  I love how my body responds when I take care of it and let it heal itself.  As soon as I lose approximately 15 more lbs, I will consider phasing off, and if the pace keeps up, I will hopefully get there around New Year’s.  Measurements are another thing.  Just from a measurement perspective, I am down a total of 6.5 inches and it’s awesome.  How awesome does that make someone feel.  That being said, what is most important is my BMI or Body Composition.  I have dropped a whole percentage in body fat, which is fantastic considering that in the beginning, losing body fat seems to be a very slow process. I like to compare it to paying a mortgage. In the beginning it looks like you are not even touching the principle, and as you keep paying down, the principle starts to shrink faster and faster.  That is what losing body fat is like when compared to overall pounds lost. Many people get discouraged but this is one of the reasons I encourage people to stick to it.  The results to come. I know that I want to lose an additional 7 percent of my body fat in order to consider myself in an ideal, healthy zone and it’s getting closer and closer.

I am going to see my doctor for a full physical the first week in December.  It will be the first time I have seen him in over a year.  Back then he was major impressed and I wasn’t even this small.  I am excited about going to see him and seeing his reaction. What is so exciting for me is that I actually needed to use a belt on the weekend to keep my “skinny” jeans from falling off.  Someone commented recently and asked me why I wear dresses to work regularly.  Truth be told, they don’t “fall” down and it’s a lot easier for me to wear dresses than pants these days.  In fact, I grabbed a pair this morning along with my skirt to change into as I needed them and they were constantly coming down.  I almost lost them when I got out of my car.  Time to go shopping….but I don’t want to just yet because I know that I will need an even smaller size for after Christmas.  I will get by until then and Santa baby, if you are listening, some moola to go shopping with would be appreciated under the tree cause I am sure being a good girl.  Am I complaining or bragging…BOTH! I want everyone to experience the delight of this type of health transformation.  I have to say that I feel fabulous and for everyone who struggles with weight related illness, let me tell you that even a small amount like 20 lbs can make a huge difference in your health with reduced blood pressure and easing stress on your joints. In fact a minor 1 lb of weight loss can take 4 lbs of stress off your knees alone


That is more than enough for me.  There was a point in time where my knees hurt so bad that I had difficulty functioning without taking painkillers.  Fortunately, I didn’t do permanent damage and my knees feel awesome now.

If you are struggling and feel like you have tried everything but nothing has worked and nothing will work, please don’t give up.  Find Ideal Protein in your area.  They saved my life and the lives of thousands of other people.  They can help you. I promise as I am living proof of this.


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