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Week 6 So close to completion

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It has been another amazing week on this weight loss protocol. I am down 4.4 lbs this week and it is really showing. My new tight clothes are loose and the inches keep rolling off. I am so stoked and excited to keep this up.

I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday morning, and let me tell you, I used to dread those appointments. I didn’t want to hear about my test results and face more prescriptions. This appointment was totally different and amazing.

First, I have known my physician since I was 16 when we met in an emergency room while he was still doing his residency. That’s when he became my doctor. That means we have spent a lot of years together. He has seen me through my weight losses and gains over and over. He has helped me with my health problems, prescribed medication for anxiety, depression and pain. He has seen my children grow up. He took care of my Dad and was there for our family at the end of Dad’s life. He’s almost like family even though we don’t socialize. I can’t imagine ever seeing another Doctor and dread the day he decides to retire (Dr. B you know you are not allowed to if you read this).

Let’s start with my blood pressure. It was a really healthy 107 over 67. Let’s move on to my blood fats and lipids. My HDL (good) cholesterol has never been better and is in optimal health range. My LDL (bad) cholesterol is so low again in optimal health range. My blood sugars are bang on, exactly where they should be for a normal healthy individual. My liver enzymes show that my fatty liver is now non-existent and from what is there, my liver is functioning well and is healthy, something it has not been for years as I was always in pain and headed down the road of cirrhosis of the liver caused by obesity.

The best part is medication. None. No more. I don’t need painkillers, I do not require antidepressants. I do not require medication for Acid Reflux, I don’t need medication for incontinence (caused by my obesity) and I certainly do not require a CPAP machine. The look on his face was awesome and he congratulated me. The best part, is he is going to be sending me for plastic surgery for my abdomen to help with the residual skin that is remaining as a result of such a large weight loss.

I have shrunk enough to get into size 8 jeans and I never in my wildest dreams or fantasies thought that would ever happen.  I have only a few percentage points left to go to reach a healthy body composition.  I can hardly wait.  The only pitfalls coming up are the ones where the closer I am to my goal, the harder it is to stay on track.

I feel great.  I look good. I fit smaller clothes. I know this is all because of staying the course.  Yet still, I struggle, wanting it to be over already.  Wanting to be able to eat whatever I want…and yet….I must realize I will never again eat whatever I want whenever I want.  In order to stay healthy, keep the weight off, I will need to be vigilant the rest of my life.  It`s a lot like quitting smoking.  I know that if I have one drag on a cigarette, even after 12 years smoke free, it would be too easy to start again. So I don`t ever have that one.  It`s the same with this.  Once I fall off of the healthy eating bandwagon, it`s too easy to just keep eating the wrong way and put on the weight.  The only difference between a food addict and an alcoholic or drug addict is that alcoholics and drug addicts can stay away from the substances that they are addicted to.  I need to eat in order to live. Therefore, the vigilance is always on high alert.  There are never any “out of sight out of mind” days. Does this mean I can never enjoy anything yummy again? Not at all.  It just means being wise about the choices I make, my portions, and enjoying a treat occasionally not always.

The way to stay the course on healthy eating is to make sure that what is prepared and what we eat is yummy and satisfies the need for taste, texture and volume, without lots of added fat and calories.  It is also important to know what to eat together and not eat together.  I have learned that I can have fat and protein together, or protein and carbohydrate together, but not fat and carbohydrate.  This is because of the way insulin acts within the body and how fat is stored.

The other challenge that I run into is weekends.  You know those days when the schedule is completely off and the socializing and catching up on household tasks takes place.  It’s easy to eat during a workday.  The schedule is laid out, you eat when it’s scheduled, you plan and no problem.  Then the weekend comes.  Sitting in a pub with friends, or browsing through the house looking for food after I have slept in, that’s when staying the course is tough.  To help myself,  make sure that there are no temptations in the house for me to dig into.  I ask for my family’s support and for the most part they are great (except when they leave 1 piece of leftover pizza on the counter and I come home famished…..thank you very much).

So, to stay on track not just on the diet but for a lifetime, I have posted and remind myself daily of these rules…

1.   If it’s not good for you don’t store it in the pantry

2.  Never combine my fats and carbs

3.  When tired, brush my teeth and go to sleep

4.  make a food plan for the weekend and stick to it.

5.  acknowledge the achievement I have made in ridding myself of 140 lbs and never go looking for it.

I have a link for more tips to help keep the weight off. We can never have too many tools to staying healthy.


Until next time…


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Weight Loss and Lifestyle Coach. My stand is people be well and Live Now

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