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Monday Morning Motivator – MOVING ON

Monday Morning Motivator – Moving On

Motivational Moment: “None of us can change our yesterdays but all of us can change our tomorrows.” ~Colin Powell We often are paralyzed by fear of tomorrow, fear that we can’t do something, that we have no choice, that things won’t work out. This is what keeps us in the same place doing the same things and never moving ahead.  Yet what we need is to make a decision, dive in, stick with it and simply, just DO IT! When this happens, we open up space for the things we want to manifest. So living the way you have been and the choices you have made have gotten you here.  You cannot go back and change it.  What you can do is decide what you want and change tomorrow to be just that.  Will it take time?  Yes.  Will you stumble?  Probably.  What needs to be done is to pick up and keep moving in the direction of our dreams. Today’s post won’t be focused so much on diet, but on moving forward with our lives and our goals, a part of which is creating a healthy body and nourishing it properly.

Also, and for clarity, I am no longer working in Fort Saskatchewan but am still very passionate about weight loss and lifestyle and involved in Edmonton. This is my personal blog about my life and what I want to share with others.

Good Morning Monday. Another week that we have to create our future.  How many of you have felt trapped by life’s circumstances?  We get up every day and face the yawning pit of resignation, trapped in our unhealthy bodies, eating on the run because we tell ourselves we have no time.  We are running all day doing things that we feel we need to do, taking care of our “responsibilities”.  We go to jobs that we are unfulfilled in, we are over-extended trying to meet the demands of others whether they are bosses, spouses, children. We tell ourselves we are too tired and busy to exercise and then we collapse into bed at night exhausted, another day gone, another day older, and no closer to living our dreams and our goals. We say to ourselves, someday, when I lose weight/win the lottery/get a dream job/retire (insert your perceived reality here) happens, I will be able to relax/be happy/go on vacation/paint/sculpt/ travel/lose weight (insert your dream here).  I know you see where I am going with this.  You are not alone. Many of us feel this way.  We are running on the hampster wheel of life, running, sweating, doing lots, exerting energy, and never getting one step closer to what we truly desire.  All is not lost however.  We can do this, it just takes us focus and a structure that allows for us to take small daily steps to move forward towards our dreams. One of the first things we need to do is let go of the past.

Sometimes, it is painful to move forward and let go of the past. Whether we are looking at changing our habits, changing our work situation, changing our family situation, or doing an overhaul of our lives, there are things that we can do to help ourselves.


We can make those lasting changes. There are really 5 steps that we need to take to get there and it begins with contemplation.  The link below offers us a look at those steps.



Now that BBQ season is almost upon us, you may be looking for some great meals all perfectly acceptable for Phase 1

Perfect Grilled Chicken (great for all phases)

The perfect spice rub for the perfect chicken breast

Perfect Grilled Chicken final


  • 1 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon paprika
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1 1/2 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1-3 1/2 lbs boneless chicken breasts


  1. Mix all the spices in a bowl, dump in large zip lock back
  2. Add olive oil, massage outside of bag until mix is saturated.
  3. Place chicken breast in bag, massage mix onto chicken until evenly covered.
  4. Heat grill to medium-high heat
  5. While the oil heats up, rub all of the spice mixture all over the chicken breasts.
  6. Cook chicken on grill.

Thank you Andover Diet Clinic for posting this wonderful chicken recipe

Also try grilling zucchini, mushrooms, red peppers and asparagus in a foil cake pan in which you have poked holes for smoke to move through. Toss with a little olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic then grill on the upper rack of your BBQ.  Makes a healthy and yummy side dish.

Looking for a refreshing warm weather dessert for phase 1 dieters? Try the following:


For All Stages of the Ideal Diet Protocol

Mix the Raspberry Jell-O and the Peach Mango Drink in a bowl. Refrigerate until solid.  It will separate into 3 ‘Sunrise’ colors. It’s delicious enough to serve to guests!

HEALTH AND WELLNESS: In keeping with my Monday morning goal of sharing interesting information and articles that relate to health and wellness, the following has some interesting information with respect to weight gain and stress. Our 21st century lifestyle involves high levels of stress which are detrimental in so many different ways to our lives.


Following some of the suggestions for stress reduction in the aforementioned article are great.  Although I do see the value in the suggestion about diet, it has been my personal experience that when things are out of control, the one thing I am able to control is my diet.  Not only that but being in a healthy, low carb, adequate protein, alkaline ketogenic state, actually helped me with my fatigue, my brain fog and my stress.  I slept better and was able to concentrate and focus on what my stressors were and then deal with them one at a time. This was especially important as one of the major stressors I had was my health, weight and overall inability to live.  Here is more information about belly fat and adrenal fatigue, all triggered by stress. Good ideas here on what to do.




As I continue this Monday Morning Motivator series, I want to know about you, what you want.  What issues would you would like to see addressed?  Do you have any ideas and tips you would like to share have that make your life work?  Please leave me a comment and provide me your input.

FUN TIME! A chuckle for your week….


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Famous Last Words

If I had a nickel for every time I heard “I got this, thanks for your help.  I won’t put the weight back on because I worked too hard to get here…No thank you, I don’t need to keep coming for maintenance, I have learned so much….” and the dieter rides happily off into the sunset, only to return.  Sometimes they come to see me, other times they go somewhere else because the “diet” didn’t work or they are embarrassed and they have regained all their weight and then some.

Sigh, it is not about the “diet” and whether or not it works.  It is one thing to lose weight, but that is only a beginning.  The hardest part of reducing weight and being healthy, is the required changes needed to be made in order to keep the weight off.  If we don’t make the changes to our lifestyle, it really and truly does not matter what diet or methodology we use, the weight will return.  I am willing to give a 100
% written guarantee of that fact.  Haven’t we all heard the saying “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got!”. If you lose the weight and do nothing to change your lifestyle regarding food choices, food planning and exercise, then your probable, almost certain future, is that you will regain every pound you lost and then some more for good measure.

This was really brought home to me this week.  Study after study has shown that people who track their food intake have an 80% increase in successful weight loss and subsequent maintenance, than those that do not track their food.  I hear it all the time, and I can hear you moaning right now….”but I don’t have time to track my food, I have a busy life and really, I know what I am eating“. Well I am here to tell you that changing your “busy” life to ensure that you have time for your health and for the 5 minutes of every day that it takes to track your food, is one of the parts of changing your lifestyle going forward from your active weight loss routine.

I had gotten away from tracking my food for the last few weeks, so I pulled out my smartphone and dusted off the “My Fitness Pal” app and started tracking my food and activity levels for the last few days.  Imagine my surprise to find that I was eating approximately 200-300 calories more a day than I intended and was getting way too many grams of carbohydrate for my specifically input goals.  What an eye opener.  Without doing this, at some point I would have seen and felt the effects.  So the next steps were obvious.  Start tracking everything, and I mean everything, including any breath mints mindlessly tossed into my mouth.  It is harder than I realized but within days I found myself getting into a routine.  I even used the app to set up reminders….like the one I got today telling me that I didn’t input anything for lunch.  Fixed that right away.

Check out this article with 10 tips to successfully take off and keep weight off


Other things that seem to slip the minute our “diets” are over are:

1. Drinking water.  I know, we have all heard it….I don’t like water, I don’t want to drink 8 glasses of water a day!  It is the water that our bodies need.  In fact, studies have shown that people confuse thirst, with hunger, and will sometimes reach for calories they don’t need when all their bodies want from them is good old H2O.  We also live a lifestyle where we claim we need our coffee and/or our energy drinks.  Really, all we are doing is leading to more fatigue.  For every cup of coffee or every energy drink or caffeine laden cola (although we shouldn’t touch cola period due to the sugars) we consume, we should be consuming the same amount of water.  See the picture?  Now don’t get me wrong, I love my cup of coffee in the morning, I just don’t have as much as I used to, and I really savor and enjoy the coffee I have now.

When changing our lifestyle we also need to remember the following:

1. Keep learning and don’t fall for the health food gimmicks that are meant to part you from your hard earned money.  Examples of this are Agave Nector.  This is worse than any of the other sugars out there but is marketed as “natural and healthy”. It is even worse than high fructose corn syrup as far as glycemic index is concerned.  Another health food gimmick, coconut water and/or vitamin water.  Just sugary water with additives.  Steer clear and save yourself some money.  In fact the best way to eat healthy is eat food that has not been prepared, packaged, created, modified or added to until you bring it home and make it yourself.  It is easier than you think and takes the same amount of time as ordering pizza.

2. Stay away from drive thru food.  It’s nice to eat out occasionally but this should not be a way of life for a busy family.  Celebrate something at a good restaurant once in a while rather than eating burgers, pizza or chicken nuggets  3 to 4 times a week. I hear from so many people “my kids want it and so I was tempted to have it”. If it’s not good for you, remember, it’s not good for your kids and it’s not a treat if it’s harmful, fatty and not nutritious.  I really like the saying I found recently that said “Do not reward yourself with food, you are not a dog“.  How true is that!

3. Get rid of ALL of your fat clothes except maybe the first pair of pants so you can look at them and remember your accomplishments.  As long as you have something to slip into, you will be able to ignore that tight, uncomfortable muffin top over your new “skinny” jeans

4. Exercise.  Okay, so maybe you don’t have time for a full gym routine, but you can make a point of moving daily, and it takes so little time out of a day to do some light weights and reps while you are watching tv.  So instead of snacking on junk food, tone your muscles while watching that favorite sit com you love.  Even better, take a nice walk with a loved one and have some one on one chat time (I like to call it in person face time).

There are so many more things that can be done to keep weight off once it is shed.  These suggestions and the article are just a start. Remember it is all about making time for what matters, and it matters more to be healthy and fit then to be doing things that won’t matter when you are older.  I something recently that I will paraphrase here… People lose their health to make money, and spend their money to regain their health, they live as if they will never die, and die having never lived…  I share this with you because I am 150 + lbs down and loving life.  If I can do this, so can you.

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150 lbs Down…Why am I still feeling like a Fat Girl?

Here is me...150 lbs down

Here is me…150 lbs down

I want to share my success. I haven’t posted in a while and it is so exciting to be able to update everyone. I am officially 150 lbs down. It has been quite the experience and sometimes, the mind is still catching up with the body.

The other day I went into a store to buy some more clothing, as everything I own is, of course, too big. I picked out a sweater, (the one you see in the photo posted with this article) and I picked out a large and extra-large. The sales clerk told me “you don’t need a large or extra large dear. Here, try on this medium” I laughed and said okay but it will be too small. Low and behold, I tried it on and couldn’t believe it fit. I kept asking her if she thought it looked “to tight or too small”. When I shop, I still gravitate to the large sizes. I can’t seem to quite wrap my head around medium and small.

In the same way, I was talking to a friend who also lost a large amount of weight (over 100 lbs) and has kept it off for over 3 years. She shared with me that reading my posts had her jealous about my weight loss and thinking she needed to lose more. Then she saw the picture and the jacket I was wearing in the picture. That jacket was given to me by her and it fit her, just was uncomfortable in the shoulders because she works out and has developed good muscle definition. Looking at the photo and her former blazer, reminded her that she was fine the way she was and made her proud of her success.
So why does our mind take so long to get used to the fact that we are no longer “overweight”? I wonder if this is part of what causes us to not stick to maintaining a weight loss because we still see ourselves as “fat” and “less accomplished” than we truly are?

There is an interesting article about “Phantom Weight” and I post the link here


It touches on how weight loss and maintenance is more than just losing the weight.

In order to maintain weight loss, and to be healthy, we need to remember that the second and hardest part of our accomplishment begins when our weight loss ends. Therein lies the real work.  Losing weight is easy in comparison.  Now I don’t say that to discourage anyone, I say that to be realistic. If you think you can lose and then do what you were doing before…just remember the phrase “if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always had”.  Going back to being the same person with the same exercise and eating habits is a 100% guarantee that the weight will find you again.  No diet or surgery is definitive as there is no vaccine against weight gain.  No matter how you choose to rid yourself of weight and become healthy, dis-ease and weight will return as soon as you return to the same old habits and lifestyle you had.

It is more than important, it is absolutely essential and vital that to keep weight off we must focus on changing lifestyle, changing our relationship with food, changing the food we put in our bodies, taking on exercise in a way we never did before, and most importantly, retraining our brain to see the slim, healthy, beautiful people we are every time we look in the mirror. We are worth all the effort. We are worth feeling good. We are worth being well and energetic. Does this mean that we can never enjoy some of the treats we did?  No, it just means that we only enjoy once a week in moderation and remember that for our bodies to stay healthy, we must give them the healthy and nutritious fuel they need for cells to regenerate and live.

My new morning mantra….”Good morning Gorgeous. You are awesome and today I love you enough to feed you properly and get you some exercise”.

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Does Love Cause Weight Loss?

We have all been there, that early stage of falling in love. That giddy feeling of contentment. We feel high, unbalanced, happy. The world looks brighter, we smile at everyone. We can’t stop talking about our love interest. We don’t sleep, and surprisingly, we don’t feel like eating either. As songs have said “you swoon you sigh can’t deny it”.

So what’s with the not eating part? I remember years ago before my marriage and divorce, I could guarantee almost a 10 lb weight loss at the beginning of every relationship. I couldn’t explain it, I didn’t diet, but it happened. Having been an emotional eater my whole life, I have now found the explanation for this and it is called oxytocin. It is the feel good love hormone the brain produces when it is in love and happy.

Now for those of you who are like me, “mature men and women” (I prefer that to the “wow Mom you are sooooo old” line that my children say to me) we sit back and think to ourselves…”that is great to know but we are not about to go chasing a new love interest just to reach our diet goals”. We also can’t walk into our neighborhood pharmacy and order oxytocin with a side of giddiness thrown in for good measure and make it to go please.

So what can we do? First off, we can resolve to do something that makes us happy every day.  In short, we can “fall in love” with ourselves.

You can start by getting up in the morning and no matter what you are doing, make an effort to look your best. This doesn’t mean that we need to get all overboard on getting ready in the morning and load up with makeup and hairgel. What it does mean though is that we make an effort to look attractive for ourselves every day. Knowing we look our best helps us to feel good about ourselves.

Set aside a bit of time each day to do something that we enjoy…fall in love with ourselves and explore who we are and what we enjoy. Have you been living your daily routine for so long that you don’t even know what makes you glow anymore? Spend 15 minutes a day discovering what you love and what lights you up. You can do this by meditating, journaling, being creative and brainstorming things that interest you.

Listen to your favorite music on the way to work, school or errands, leave the dreary and depressing news station off. I know that when I rock it driving to work, I arrive pumped, full of energy and surprisingly, giddiness.

Treat yourself like you would treat your best friend. Daily I hear people talk about why they put themselves last, in relationships, at work, with their families…they tell me that they can’t (or won’t) change this. I have heard them tell me it’s selfish to think of themselves. Yet really, if you cannot love and treat yourself with the same desire and respect that would give to someone else, are you really living a full and authentic life? Yes the voice in your head will initially scream at you, but if you tell it to hush, eventually your inner voice will become very quiet and will begin to shut up when you tell it to. We honestly treat ourselves worse than we would treat strangers we meet. We say mean things to ourselves that we would never say to someone else. We place expectations on ourselves that we would never place on another person. So Stop It. Make a plan for what to do, get help if necessary and stop it.

I have been on an incredible personal journey for the last four years. I am unrecognizable from who I was and I still have an exciting road ahead of me. Difference is, I am loving myself. In loving myself, I have attracted love and abundance into my life. I greet each morning with enthusiasm and joy. Of course, there is the matter of a sincere thank you to “D” for helping the process. Finally, I didn’t do it alone. I sought out personal development courses such as Landmark Education, Leadership and coach training, had people coach, guide and mentor me, and most recently am learning and being coached in Emotional Management by the auther of “Put Your Potatoes on Your Desktop”. I have decided to love myself enough to take the steps I need to succeed. I am not special or extraordinary. I am just like you and if I can do this, I know you can. Message me if you want any information. I would love to share my growth with you.

For more ideas and information, see the link below.